Timeless and traditional recipes for those who indulge – with care. Just as a mother takes utmost care to nurture the family and keep it in best shape, we understand that you as a leader resonate that emotion for your team. And what better than the gift of immunity to keep your dear ones in great health?

  • No processed sugars. 
  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • We do not use any process that heats honey – in Ayurveda, heating honey causes aam – a form of indigestion. Most health bars contain heated honey these days.
  • Preservative free. 

We take special order for Pre and post baby delivery, for healthy Mother and healthy Baby.
We also take special orders for Mithais to be made in either Cow ghee, raw cane sugar, Jaggery or Stevia as per your preference. The price for the same will vary.

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