India. Everything has a spiritual connotation here. Even the food we eat. Our food is revered. Because it is not only for taste – it is to nourish the body and mind through various seasons of the year. Everyday ingredients found in our kitchens take precedence in various seasons in our preparations to ensure good health and protection against the weather.

It is also the land of Ayurveda – a holistic school of medicine that looks at a more universal connect. 3000 years of profound knowledge and precise treatment. It speaks elaborately of the immense benefits that our unsung kitchen ingredients provide. It speaks of health as a way of life.

Our humble heroes – right from spices to seeds, found in our very own kitchens, are potent medicines having super powers of their own. Ayurveda has meticulously noted the immense health benefits of each of these ingredients and how to draw those benefits for complete wellbeing. The processes to make Ayurvedic medicines are sometimes lengthy and time-bound. So how is it possible to use Ayurvedic solutions in today’s fast-paced era?

That is why we bring you Swaasthyam – everyday Ayurveda that promotes holistic health. Being the one in charge to set the tone of fitness in the house, we understand your concern for everyone’s health.

Swaasthyam is a range of meticulously created Ayurvedic solutions by renowned Ayurvedic Gynaecologist and Garbhasanskar expert, Vaidya Karishma Narvani of the Garbhopanishad Foundation, for everyday well being. The use of pure ingredients, appropriate processes for production and zero chemicals, further enhance the potency of the Swaasthyam range. What’s more? These pure Ayurvedic formulations come to you in a convenient, easy-carry, easy-use form. No more damaging your health under the pretext of a quick fix.

Switch to Swaasthyam – simple and powerful Ayurvedic solutions for everyday health.


Think about it. We earn to live a better life. But the stress that is caused in the process just keeps increasing. And in trying to make life better, we have stopped living a better life! We live out of packets, ready mixes, heat and eat options or order in. Indian kitchens and recipes are a powerhouse of nutrition and good health. But do we spend enough time in the kitchen or in the supermarket picking up the packets? And that leads to other problems – acidity, bloating, indigestion etc that become chronic and need more medication to keep under control, and the vicious circle just goes on. Swaasthyam is Sanskrit for health. And that’s what we want the planet to be – healthy! And health is found in our Indian kitchens. Ayurveda, which originated in India and is now being accepted worldwide, uses herbs that are common and potent. And most of them are found in our own kitchens! Our preparations are created using the same traditional methods that give you all the benefit of the herbs. Swaasthyam understands that as a modern day woman, you don’t have the luxury of making concoctions and powdering herbs on a daily basis – so we tied up with renowned Ayurvedic Gynaecologist and Garbhasanskar expert, Vaidya Karishma Narvani of the Garbhopanishad Foundation to give you pure, Indian herbs in the same, easy form as you are used to!

So you build your wellbeing one tablet at a time!

❖ No artificial colours
❖ No artificial flavours
❖ No preservatives
❖ Pure herbs

What do you choose today?

Short term relief with multiple side effects or long term health and
Think about it.

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